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1. I come to you and have a look at the proposed site, measure up and draw a quick sketch, or you can send me measurements and a drawing of what kind of thing you're thinking of. 


It doesn't matter how rough the drawing is, it all helps and can be smoothed over at the next stage.


A hand drawn sketch of a treehouse
Computer drawing of the front elevation of an Enjoynery design
Computer drawing of the upper elevation of an Enjoynery design


The whole process normally take between 3 and 10 days, depending on the size and how complicated the structure is. Changes can be made throughout, some of which may add to the cost, but small tweaks won't.

Iain Laurie constructing a treehouse

3. I give you the price, and if you're happy to go ahead, the first third is paid up front, and then I start building it in my workshop.

Progress of a treehouse being built

4. After a few days I will have built a good portion of it, I then pack it in to my van and bring it to build on site. 

2. I do a 3D detailed scale drawing, send it to you and you tell me which bits are right and wrong, and I edit it until we get exactly the structure you are looking for.

5. And then your bespoke treehouse or playhouse is finished. 

The final payment is made once you have checked it and are happy with it.

A secret den that will provide thousands of hours of outdoor fun for your kids! 


You'll be lucky to be let in again, but at least you'll have something great to look at.  

The finished treehouse
How an Enjoynery Treehouse is Built
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