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Do I need Planning Permission?

Do the legs need to be concreted or dug into the floor?

Is Enjoynery liable for injury? Do you fix any problems?

Generally no as long as the structure isn't huge, however it is best to check with your Local Authority as they each have their own rules. It might be that you have to consider how close your structure might be to a public boundary or if it overlooks a neighbour. It is advisable to check with neighbours if it is likely to be visible from their garden, and to consider where to put windows and doors so as to allow them privacy. 

Again generally no. Most structures are very heavy and not likely to blow over or move and I brace them strongly enough that the don't really wobble. Sometimes it is advisable to place the legs on slabs, or in fence posts holders, if the area is prone to standing water, in order to keep the feet from rotting. Concreting is an option if you want extra stability, although it adds to the cost. Another option is fence post holders with spikes, which also provide greater stability.  

I am insured with Public Liability Insurance, and safety and quality are, of course, my absolute priority. Once your structure is complete, I ask the customer to test and check it thoroughly, and once they are happy with it, to sign a liability waiver, since kids are liable to take risks with their personal safety. This keeps my insurance costs down, and consequentially the cost to the customer is kept as low as possible. However, should anything become loose or unsafe within the first three months, I will happily come and fix it free of charge. The happiness and safety of the customer is paramount to me.

Is there a waiting list? Can I book it to fit in with a birthday or Christmas?

There is often a waiting list during spring and summer, as that is the busiest time. It can be a few weeks or even months. If there is a particular date you would like it to be completed for I will endeavour to accommodate that, but I can't guarantee it, given the vagaries of weather and delays and so on. The best way to make sure of securing a particular time slot is to book well ahead of time and I can put it in the diary.

Also, treehouses and playhouses aren't just a spring and summer thing. They are a great outdoor activity for kids that shields the worst of the weather. Remember they don't feel the cold like we adults do, so its often a good idea to build in the autumn and winter, especially if it fits in with a birthday or special occasion. 

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