Bespoke, beautiful and affordable treehouses and playhouses




I have been a treehouse and playhouse builder since 2018.

I work with you, and the dimensions and style of your garden to get the exact structure you are looking for. Whether you want a secret den with swings, slides, climbing walls or monkey bars - all uniquely designed.

My aim is always to make something that is as enjoyable for the adults to look at as it is for the kids to play on. 

I design it with you, take a look at 'The Process' section to see how it works.

Wooden playhouses designed & built to your spec with similar prices to self build flatpacks! But you won't need to spend a weekend in Allen Key and instruction hell. I will build it all for you. 

I am based in Leicestershire and work primarily in the Midlands, however, I'm happy to work further afield although that will possibly add to the price. 


I work by myself, so you will always be dealing with me, and I certainly hope that you do. Thanks, Iain



Iain Laurie

Phone: 07855779167


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